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Jackie Davis, Keynote Speaker, Storyteller, and Marketing Consultant accelerates the growth of businesses owned by women, with a special focus on women of color.



Is Your Business At Risk?

There are roughly 30.2 million small businesses in the United States,

but few of them survive 10 years:



    First Year Failure Rate


    Second Year Failure Rate


    Fifth Year Failure Rate


    Tenth Year - Closed

    Eight out of 10 Black-owned businesses fail within the first 18 months.

    But, there is good news.

    Women of color are driving new business growth.

    According to American Express, “The 2019 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report.” (September 2019) Black women are the fastest growing demographic of entrepreneurs in the U.S., with nearly 2.7 million businesses nationwide.

    However, to be successful, they need help in critical areas, especially marketing.



    You’re a woman who has felt marginalized and overlooked on the job. You’ve decided to go out on your own, but you’re not sure where to start. Or, you’ve launched your business and it’s not taking off as you expected.

    -Do you lose sleep because you worry that you might have to return to a job if you don’t succeed as an entrepreneur?

    Are you confused about whether you’re taking the right steps in the right order to use your resources effectively?

    -Do you feel frustrated and overwhelmed because you’re not attracting the customers you need to grow your business?

    Do you feel like successful people have all the luck, but luck seems to escape you?

    Don’t waste time trying to figure it out on your own.

    How do you become a Kick-Butt Business Owner? You’ll learn how to build a solid foundation, take action, and build your business so you can enjoy professional freedom while being self employed.

    You’ll know the right steps, in the right order, at the right time to accelerate your

    business growth. 

    Gain Clarity

    Identify the purpose of your business and the problems you solve.

    Increase Visibility

    Be seen and be heard to attract your key audience.

    Grow Your Business

    Serve your customers with the right solutions to help your business thrive.

    Marketing Consultant

    I was a sick, frustrated corporate employee who dared to follow my dream of a better life. I quit my soul-sucking job, embraced the unknown, and launched a successful interior design business.

    Today, I draw on my 30+ years in business and marketing to help women think strategically about how to build a business.

    Many new business owners skip to the sexy, fun stuff like design and wonder why they’re not making the progress they expect. We co-create a plan to define, develop, and deliver your service so you can become a kick-butt business owner. That’s KBBO for short!

    What does this mean? You’ll learn how to build a solid foundation, take action, and build your business so you can enjoy professional freedom while being self employed.


    “Jackie Davis is very thorough; she seeks to fully understand your business and your goals so that she can add the value that you are looking for. Once she locks into your objectives, she helps you arrive by asking thought-provoking questions. She helped me simplify my marketing message.”

    Tasha M. Yarborough, CPA, MAFM, MBA

    Owner, Brooklyn’s Bookmarks, LLC

    “I would totally recommend working with Jackie Davis. She has a very holistic view of business consulting and she has helped me to see different approaches in my business which have helped me to grow. What I like the most is that she is very honest and respectful when giving feedback. It gives me a lot of confidence to work with her.”

    Fernanda Alvarez

    Owner/Artist, Fernanda Alvarez Company

    Published Author

    ENOUGH. Unlock a life of abundance starting right where you are debuted November 2021. The book was written as a collaborative project by sixteen members of a global online business community. It provides perspectives on what is enough as it relates to work and life. Jackie’s chapter tells the story of her search for meaning in her career. The book also includes one of her poems about the costs and benefits of living in an environment where you are different.

    How To Work With Jackie

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    3. Become A KBBO

    Co-create your unique Kick-Butt Business Owner plan to build your business and achieve personal and economic empowerment.

    Download My Chapter From the Book: ENOUGH

    Ready to become a KBBO? Download your complimentary copy of  Making Meaning is key to happiness, the chapter I contributed to the book "ENOUGH: Unlock a life of abundance starting right where you are." You’ll get steps and inspiration to start your journey towards successful business ownership and personal freedom. Each month you’ll also receive the KBBO newsletter with mindset, marketing, and business tips to support you.

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